The 93rd Academy Awards are coming up on Sunday, April 25th and the nominees are in. This year, the Academy has introduced a new category – Favorite Stewart’s Spiked Seltzer flavor!

Stewart’s Spiked Seltzer brings classic flavors to the modern market and is the best low calorie hard seltzer out there and is gluten free, vegan, naturally flavored and low in sugar and carbs. It is a close race and we are excited to see which will be the award winning hard seltzer flavor! Take your pick below and tune into @stewartspiked to find out who takes home the award!

Root Beer

An American classic! Stewart’s Spiked Root Beer hard seltzer flavor is inspired by the first licorice based root beer recipe in the United States. Drink on the rocks or spice it up with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and you have yourself a spiked root beer float! 

Orange Cream

 If you like a creamy blend of orange and vanilla ice cream – then this Italian ice creamsicle inspired flavor is sure to get your vote! A modern take on a classic, Stewart’s Spiked Orange Cream hard seltzer takes you to that good ole’ nostalgic moment. That same sweet taste without the calories, sugar, or carbs!

Raspberry Lime

 Our favorite gluten free hard seltzer had to shake things up with Raspberry Lime spiked seltzer. It is the first modern flavor profile to stand beside the classics, and trust us, it holds its own! This flavor combines fizz of fruit with a signature twist of lime making sure Raspberry Lime is in the limelight!

Black Cherry

 Did someone say sweet cherries with a smooth creamy taste? You heard that right!  Stewart’s Spiked Black Cherry hard seltzer is sure to be a show stopper. Pour it up in your favorite cocktail glass on the rocks and top with a fresh cherry – dangerously good!

In our eyes, they are all winners but who will be this award season’s breakout star? Grab a Stewart’s Spiked Seltzer variety pack, try them all, and let us know your predictions!