A Nostalgic Father’s Day with Stewart’s Spiked Seltzer

After a quiet one last year, Father’s Day is coming up again and should be extra special to make up for the last one.  We’ve got some fool proof suggestions that will set you apart and earn you the “Favorite Child” award! Crack open a Stewart’s Spiked Seltzer and get ready for a great time.

Here are some gift suggestions that draw on the nostalgic, happy feelings of childhood Father’s Days and will leave your dad/ father figure feeling the love:

  • Have a classic Father’s Day BBQ with a twist. Get outside to a local park/ beach, bring your dad’s favorite BBQ dishes and surprise him with a Spikeball set to spike things up a notch. Have a few rounds of Spikeball with the family and finish the afternoon by firing up the grill. Cheers!
  • Go to a sports game! Buy tickets to see Dad’s favorite team and enjoy the afternoon/ evening at the stadium, just like the old days. 
  • Ditch the cologne and get him something he will actually enjoy –  a variety pack of Stewart’s Spiked Seltzers!  You can reminisce about your memories with the classic Stewart’s brand, and make new ones.  Then, pick a fun activity to do together like bowling, watching a movie, fishing or golf. 
  • Get creative!  Print family photos and collect mementos from over the years to put together in a scrapbook for Dad, making sure to include key family moments. It will definitely take him on a walk down memory lane. 

Whatever you end up deciding – be sure to show your dad some appreciation for all that he does.  Gather, crack a cold Stewart’s Spiked Seltzer and cheers to all things that make Dad special!