The story behind our flagship flavor, and the best root beer hard seltzer out there… Stewart’s Spiked Root Beer! 

There would be no Stewart’s Spiked Seltzer without our world famous Root Beer. It all began in 1924 in Mansfield, Ohio when schoolteacher Frank Stewart set out to make the world’s BEST tasting Root Beer.  

Stewart’s Famous Root Beer was America’s first licorice-based root beer and sold at a roadside stand along with popcorn and ice cream. Legend has it that the popcorn was extra salty to boost sales of the root beer! 

The drink quickly became a fan favorite, and an empire was born. Stewart’s locations opened across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast United States with the famous root beer at the center of it all. 

After 66 years of exclusively being available as a fountain soda in Stewart’s locations, Stewart’s Root Beer was bottled and became available in stores nationwide in it’s now signature glass bottle with the famous logo, and Stewart’s mania kept growing. 

Nearly 100 years later…

…Meet Stewart’s Spiked. We bring the iconic Stewart’s brand to younger generations in the form of the most delicious hard seltzers on the market. The first product on our list? A Stewart’s Root Beer flavored spiked seltzer, with which we tip our hats and take a modern approach to this true American classic.

Stewart’s Spiked Root Beer is rooted in good times and draws on the same licorice notes as the 1924 original. Each can of the sparkling and refreshing beverage is 100 calories, contains 0g of sugar, 1g of carbs and 5% ABV.  Stewart’s Spiked Root beer is also a Gluten-Free Hard Seltzer, vegan and does not contain any artificial sweeteners.  It is sold in single flavor 4 packs, or as part of our 12 can flavor variety packs. 

Along with our other new spiked seltzer flavors, Stewart’s Spiked Root Beer is now available at stores in Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, and continuing to expand nationally. 

We hope this walk down memory lane inspires you to go to your local retailer and crack a cold one!