No holiday is complete without celebratory libations, and we’ve got just the recipe sure to add some festive fizz to your soiree: the Root Beer Cola. But first, a little about the drink’s creator,  Anthony “The Professor” Baker.


Anthony Baker: MIXOLOGIST Extraordinaire

For over two decades, Anthony Baker has sipped, strained, stirred, shaken, and muddled around the mixology industry, crafting up elaborate concoctions and pushing the limits on hand-crafted libations. 

By day, Baker teaches others his tricks of the trade as an NYC-based Cocktail Professor and Bartending Instructor. When class is dismissed, Anthony can be found stirring up more sip-worthy creations for his social media audience through interactive classes and on his  YouTube channel. In his own words:

“I used to give people a sip so they could drink for a day. Now I teach people to sip so they could drink for a lifetime.”

Whether you want to shake up something new and exciting or master classic drinks sure to make spirits bright, Anthony Baker has the classic drinks and cocktails with a new-age twist perfect for every occasion. For now, let’s focus on the drink rooted in Stewart’s heritage, the Root Beer Cola recipe.


The Infamous Root Beer Cola Recipe

Using the Stewart’s Root Beer hard seltzer flavor and just two other ingredients, Baker crafted this holiday-inspired hard seltzer drink recipe sure to make memories bright. To make it yourself, here is all you will need to do:


Gather Your Ingredients

With ingredients gathered, mix up your new favorite holiday drink as follows:

  1. Build all ingredients into a tall glass
  2. Stir, then add ice as desired
  3. Garnish with a lime wedge
  4. Sit back and enjoy!


Make Seasons Bright With Stewart’s Spiked Seltzer

With just three ingredients and a quick and painless mixing process, this root beer cola recipe is a simply satisfying holiday refreshment option ideal for the first-time party host, overwhelmed holiday hosting veteran, and every mixology-wannabe in between. Find Stewart’s hard seltzer in a store near you today to stir up something special for your next holiday soiree. Then, visit the Stewart’s blog for more ways to sip in style all year round with our other hard seltzer flavors.