We’re gearing up for St. Patrick’s Day and have a few ideas to get you excited for the lucky day! Whether you’re entertaining with your kids or hosting a Covid safe party or zoom call – we’ve got you covered!

For the Kiddos! 

Begin the day with dressing up the family in all green – no one wants to start the day off in a pinch 😉 Head downstairs where you have decorated the house in a flurry of green, rainbows and pots of gold! Today is their lucky day!

The table is set for a day full of fun activities. From coloring in all shades of green different “luck of the Irish” scenes to shamrock and rainbow cookie decorating, we are sure to fill the day with activities to keep the family entertained. After all that creativity, one’s appetite is sure to increase. We’ve got you covered with recipes that scream GREEN! (example we found here) put together a snack tray that has you seeing a sea of green – from kiwi, to pea pods, green grapes to cucumbers, avocados to green bell pepper, it’s a fun and healthy way to keep everyone fueled through the day.

We’re headed towards the end of the day and everyone is getting pretty tired! Time to put the kids to bed and cheers to a successful day of the Irish! Cheers with your partner with a Stewart’s Spiked Seltzer and wind down for the night – but don’t forget to wear your green! The nights not over! 

For the adults!

Start the day with a few of your close friends – no entry to the event without a splash of green! Everyone arrives for a socially distant gathering outside with their favorite green dish! The table fills up with all shades of green and Irish fan favorites to set the stage for the day. Once everyone is fueled up – let the games begin! 

St.Patrick’s Day Trivia – the luck of the Irish! Everyone gets a piece of paper filled with St.Patrick’s Day facts and questions. Whoever gets the most questions right wins the pot of gold – a pack of Stewart’s Spiked Seltzers! After Trivia – everyone seems to be ready for a drink! Time for Irish Car Bombs – Stewart’s style! replace the stout for Stewart’s Spiked Root Beer! Yum!