As the weather gets cooler and leaves begin to change, it’s time to gear up for the start of Spooky Season!

Halloween is upon us which has us all excited and feeling like kids again. This year, why not get a few friends together and plan an old school Halloween gathering… with an adult twist of course!  We’ve come up with a few fun things you won’t want to miss out on to get in the spooky spirit:

  • Choose a classic movie costume theme to get everyone reminiscing.  Morticia Adams, Beetlejuice, Jessica Rabbit, Dorothy, Danny Zuko… the possibilities are endless!
  • Nothing says Halloween like carving pumpkins.  Why not have one ready for each guest and have fun making Jack O’Lanterns just like in the old days? They can then be placed on the porch or windowsills to welcome trick or treaters. 
  • Tricks and Treats: Have plenty ready for the little ones who are coming by, and later, head out yourselves and surprise the neighbors with some more grown up trick or treaters and collect candy. Don’t forget the pillowcases! 
  • Drinks: Be the life of the party by showing up with some packs of Stewart’s Spiked Seltzer – it’s a foolproof way to get the party going! You’ll be taking the nostalgic feelings that Stewart’s Spiked Seltzer flavors give you and are applying that to your Halloween activities. 
  • Snacks: Halloween is never complete without candy and especially the seasonal favorite – candy corn!  Order in some pizza too and have it with Spiked Root Beer floats featuring our root beer hard seltzer. 
  • End the night at a local haunted house or haunted hayride to get the adrenaline flowing and see who gets spooked first! 


See? Halloween doesn’t have to be just for kids! This Halloween plan will be memorable, fun and leave the group feeling great. Now just to think of which classic movie character to be…


Happy Halloween!