That’s right – we are excited to finally share our brand new design with you. While still staying consistent with the same great, crisp, classic and nostalgic taste, we put a whole new spin on the American Classic. What’s new you might ask? Here are a few details below!

  • ICONIC JUST GOT SPIKED, our Stewart’s tagline takes form in taking something iconic like the classic Stewart’s flavors, and spiking and adapting them to the modern generation as a hard seltzer. 
  • Our retro logo reminds us of the nostalgic Stewart’s brand. Why fix something that ain’t broke?!
  • The juxtaposition of the classic and modern we bring you our latest design! 
  • The all white primary color is to represent that we are still a light and refreshing beverage! Low in sugar and only 100 calories!
  • Each flavor is represented with its own twist with the different colors on the slogan which represent it:
    • Root Beer: Our flagship product! Inspired by the first licorice based root beer recipe in the United States, Stewart’s brings a classic American recipe to hard seltzer. 
    • Raspberry Lime: Stewart’s Spiked first modern flavor profile to stand beside the classics. Raspberry Lime combines the fizz of fruit with a refreshing lime twist!
    • Black Cherry: Created with a craft recipe that combines sweet cherries and a smooth creamy taste. 
    • Orange Cream: A modern take on a classic, this flavor incorporates a rich, creamy blend of orange and ice cream flavors, reminiscent of an Italian ice creamsicle – YUM!


Now that we have your attention, be sure to go to our store locator to see where you can check out our brand new cans! Sold as 12 packs (3 per flavor) and 4 packs of the classics – Root Beer, Orange Cream and Black Cherry. Raspberry Lime – stay tuned!