What Is Hard Seltzer & What Kind Of Alcohol Is In It?

With light, refreshing flavors and less sugar and calories than other popular alcoholic beverages, it’s no wonder hard seltzer is a staple beverage choice for after-work relaxation, special celebrations, and hot summer days. But how is hard seltzer able to offer impressive flavor and enjoyment without the calories or sugar other mainstream beverages have? What is hard seltzer made of that makes it so, wellamazing? 

Read on to learn the facts about hard seltzer, and what sets Stewart’s apart!


Hard Seltzer 101: What is Hard Seltzer?

Also known as spiked and alcoholic seltzer, hard seltzer in its simplest definition is carbonated water mixed with alcohol and a hint of flavor. Differences in flavoring sources, alcohol type, and additives each brand uses are what make each hard seltzer unique in taste, sugar, and calorie content.


What Alcohol is in Hard Seltzer?

There are two popular choices of alcohol that can be used to make hard seltzer: fermented cane sugar (gluten-free) and malted barley (contains gluten). Stewart’s spiked seltzer uses a premium sugar malt base that emphasizes our natural flavoring without an alcoholic aftertaste, all while being gluten-free.


Benefits of Fermented Cane Sugar Alcohol

Aside from a better aftertaste and being gluten-free, fermented cane sugar alcohol like that used to formulate Stewart’s hard seltzer flavors is low calorie, colorless (no artificial color here!), sulfate-free, and 5% ABV. These nutritional factors make hard seltzer a fan favorite among health-conscious consumers and those on the hunt of a light adult beverage.


What About Flavoring?

Another factor that separates seltzer brands is flavoring. While some hard seltzer brands use artificial flavoring (man-made chemicals to give a product flavor) to keep sugar or caloric intake low, Stewart’s uses natural flavors to make every cold sip a pleasurable one. It’s just in our roots!


Sip On Something Great Today With Stewart’s Hard Seltzers

At just 100 calories up to 1 gram of sugar per can, every one of Stewart’s hard seltzer beverages offers nothing but the most enjoyable flavors. 

Rooted in classic American heritage, Stewart’s spiked seltzer puts a modern twist on tried-and-true classics, fizzing with tasty flavors of Root Beer, Orange Creamsicle, Black Cherry and Raspberry Lime. Whether accommodating a gluten intolerance or vegan diet, keeping a watchful eye on sugar or calorie intake, or trying something new, Stewart’s is the thirst quenching hard seltzer brand with the unbeatable natural flavors perfect for any occasion. 

Visit the Stewart’s blog to learn about the inspiring ways to enjoy our most popular flavors, and use our store locator to find Stewart’s hard seltzer in a store near you today!