Why Is Hard Seltzer So Popular?

It seems like every time you turn around somebody is talking about hard seltzer. But what is hard seltzer, and why is it becoming so popular? And most importantly, is it any good? Read on to find answers to all those questions and more. Plus, discover what makes Stewart’s Spiked Seltzer one of the best hard seltzer brands on the market.

4 Reasons Hard Seltzer is so Popular

1. Hard Seltzer is Refreshing

One survey found that the most common reason people choose to drink hard seltzer over other alcoholic beverages is that it’s refreshing. Hard seltzer combines carbonated water, alcohol (typically fermented cane sugar or malted barley), and flavoring. This makes it a “lighter” drink option, perfect for anything from pool days or gatherings with friends to post-work relaxation.

2. Hard Seltzer is a Healthier Option

Another reason many people are choosing hard seltzer over other alcoholic beverages is that it’s low in calories and sugar. A can of beer can contain over 200 calories, and a glass of wine can have up to 8 grams of sugar, depending on the type. Compared to these numbers, hard seltzer is definitely the healthier choice. For example, Stewart’s spiked seltzers only contain 100 calories and up to 1 gram of sugar (our Root Beer and Orange Cream flavors contain 0 grams) in each can.

3. Hard Seltzer is Gluten Free (Sometimes)

If you follow a gluten-free diet, you know the disappointment of all your friends cracking open an ice-cold beer on a hot summer day and not being able to join in. Fortunately, that’s not the case with hard seltzer. When made with fermented cane sugar (like all Stewart’s spiked seltzers are), the drink is gluten-free and vegan, making it a popular choice.

4. Hard Seltzer is Delicious

Lastly, hard seltzer is so popular because it tastes so good! Rather than having a somewhat bitter taste like certain alcoholic beverages, hard seltzer tastes sweeter and less potent. While some brands use artificial flavoring, Stewart’s uses natural flavors to bring out the delicious taste in every can. From the flavor that started it all–Root Beer–to the hard seltzer flavors that keep people coming back for more–Black Cherry, Orange Cream, and Raspberry Lime–Stewart’s is committed to offering the best-tasting drinks. It’s just in our roots!

A Sip of Stewart’s Spiked will Explain Why Hard Seltzer is so Popular

If you still don’t get what all the hype is about around hard seltzer, it might be time to try it for yourself (if you’re over 21, of course!). Each flavor of Stewart’s spiked seltzer puts a modern twist on classic drinks. Did you love Root Beer as a kid? Then you’ll definitely enjoy our Root Beer hard seltzer. Do you remember how refreshing an orange creamsicle was after playing with your friends in the summer? Our Orange Creamsicle hard seltzer offers the same refreshing taste. If you’re ready to try something new and see why so many people enjoy hard seltzer, Stewart’s unbeatable natural flavors are the way to go!

Visit the Stewart’s blog to learn more about this popular drink, and use our store locator to find Stewart’s hard seltzer in a store near you today!